Survival of the Fittest.

Pretty much everyone we know has a job which allows them to pay rent and bills, buy food and clothes, and go on a vacation every now and then. Jobs are great because that’s how we make money, but that doesn’t mean they’re always fun. There are jobs out there which seem like they were designed by the Devil himself – difficult, demanding, and not very rewarding. If this sounds like your job, there are a few useful tips to stay safe and sane.

When we start, we work hard trying to prove ourselves to our boss and co-workers. We work really hard and stay long hours doing our best to finish our tasks. After a while, it seems like everyone around you starts expecting you to keep the same pace and level of enthusiasm, but they don’t offer to help you. You can be shy about asking for help or you don’t want to seem incompetent or lazy, but if you keep working too hard you will only get sick. Talk to your supervisor and HR, and practice asking for help if you’re not used to it.

We have heard this one before: negativity breeds negativity. Even if we are happy with our work but when surrounded by people who are miserable, sad, and angry all the time, it’s possible that their emotions and attitudes will rub us off. If every time we try communicating with our coworkers we keep hearing complaints, grunts and laments; try changing the subject. By being professional and productive, we can help others which will result in a better atmosphere in the office.

Do you remember why you took this lousy job in the first place? It could be your idea that the job was actually better than it really is, or you and your family really needed the money. In the end, it doesn’t really matter – by remembering why you got there in the first place will help you stay sane and maintain your perspective.

Remember all the job interviews, all the rents that you couldn’t pay, all those times you had to improvise in the kitchen because you just couldn’t afford some ingredients – this will help you understand why you need the job in the first place. Remember that you are more than just an employee, your job doesn’t define you, and if the reason why you took the job isn’t so good anymore, reevaluate and start thinking about changing something.

A job from hell sounds like a great show to watch or a fun new story to tell to your friends. However, when it’s your reality it’s not very fun, is it? My advice to you is keep looking for another job because there is only so much a person can take. Stay strong and stay positive, try to find a silver lining and never stop looking for something better – it’s a simple formula which can guide you through difficult times.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAwxAAAAJDVjMTZhOTAwLWM4YmUtNDExZi05YzZkLTZmM2Q4MGRjYzI4NQ