Power of Social Networking.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaPAAAAJDdjMjg2OTU0LTk4YTktNGI5ZC1hNTRmLWRlMjBhYzJhNTBlYgSocial Networks allow people be be connected to others and other’s connections. Its very similar to how tribes interacted many many years ago, and how information spread from tribe to tribe through their connections to each other. What makes social networking so powerful is the velocity in which information can spread. With the click of a button, I can send a tweet not only to my 10,000 followers on Twitter, but potentially to the individuals in their networks, so on & on. The speed and exponential growth of information sharing is what makes social networking so powerful.

Few Factors involved are :

  • With the people you know, information is spread very quickly and tends to be very trusted. This is why online review sites are the new word-of-mouth advertising and why we believe it to be true when our friends take a picture on an unremarkable beach and say it’s Florida.
  • Meeting people with like interests online can lead to online-only friendships. These connections can help spread messages quickly and can lead to the discovery of new information.
  • Being semi-anonymous frees people to be more like they want to be. Yes, they have names and faces online, but if people know they’re not talking to their personal friends, they become can be whoever they want, whether that’s business experts, bloggers with irreverence, or just people who want to tweet about their lunches.