A Lazy Life


A Lazy Life!
I have lead a lazy life! Today I have started blogging after completing 25 years of my Life in Laziness! Lets see, Laziness leads to where.

I, Astha,a new blogger, in making.
I have spend a part of my life studying.
Today, after spending minimal time in Private Industry, trying to achieve, what I actually want.

So, probably a Lazy life.
But a sincere one.

You don’t trust me ? Dosen’t matter either.
Must be thinking, if sincere, then why not in an MNC ?

Well, in that context, ‘Perception’ is a term, which my Prof taught in MBA class.
Some want to make more bucks. Some Power. Some combo of both.
Still, majority of this world, surviving in Private Industry & still complaining.
I did not want to complain.
I had a plan. Trying to execute the plan.

Will I be successful ?
Undoubtedly Yes!
I will make my destiny with my own hands.
Term it overconfidence ? Don’t give a damn!
Society please bear.

Urging all those indolent souls, get up & do what you want.
So what, I am trying to accomplish, will only be revealed, once it is nailed 🙂

Since, its my first Blog, curtailing it to 20 Lines!
Ciao 🙂 Rise & Shine People.
With Love,
An Indolent Soul.


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